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Fabricated from 4 1/2″ diameter plastic tube 23″ long and 1/4″ wall thickness. Bottom of tube to have 2 seep holes of 1/8″ diameter. Plastic lid is spring loaded for easy access to fuses and keeps weather out. Has plastic bracket with (2) 7/16″ diameter holes 1 1/4″ apart to mount container to cross-arm with (2) 3/8* x 6″ machine bolts.

Available With Plastic or Aluminum Covers

Plastigage weather caps have universal relief valve application. They are constructed of sturdy aluminum bases and tough, durable plastic covers. All weather caps have excellent weathering characteristics and long operating life.

No Blowoff, Breakage or Replacement

You can drasticly reduce your replacement costs with this simple but unique design. Special cover opens when pressure builds up, and returns to normal position when pressure subsides. Weather caps help stop relief valve contamination. Plastigage weather caps operate on pressures of 21” W.C. through 300 lbs per square inch. 300 PSI applies up to 4” diameter only.

Weather Caps

Prices Effective As Of 5-1-2015

Part Number: HWC-0100
Price: $25.00
All Aluminum Price: $30.00

Part Number: HWC-0200
Price: $28.00
All Aluminum Price: $35.00

Part Number: HWC-0300
Price: $35.00
All Aluminum Price: $40.00

Part Number: HWC-0400
Price: $40.00
All Aluminum Price: $49.00

Part Number: HWC-0600
Price: $60.00
All Aluminum Price: $80.00

Part Number: HWC-0800
Price: $75.00
All Aluminum Price: $98.00

Part Number: HWC-1000
Price: $175.00
All Aluminum Price: $210.00

Threaded Inserts : Add $2.00 Per Mounting Screw

Tattle Tail Flag: Add $5.00 Per Weather Cap

Minimum Order Or Release: $100.00

For Order/Releases Under $100.00 : Credit Card Only

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